Is Dry Shampoo Bad for Your Hair?

Is Dry Shampoo Bad for Your Hair?

Using the dry shampoo on your hair is beneficial and also harmful if used frequently to wash your hair. The dry shampoo is basically the best dry spray for cleaning your hair while you are left with very little time and effort. Listed below are the effects of dry shampoo:

Not deep clean your hair

Since the dry shampoo consists of the alcohol or the starch so it is not shampoo at all. It does not clean your hair deeply but only absorbs the oil on your hair but still, the dirt and dust are present on your hair. The best dry shampoo on oily hair only makes the dirt and dust less visible and gives temporary cleanliness to your hair and you are compelled not to wash your hair daily and saves your time and effort in washing the hair. The dry shampoo will make your hair look clean and shine with waterless spray.

Is Dry Shampoo Bad for Your Hair?

Hair breakage

If the best dry shampoo for oily hair is used often in a week, then it is obvious that it will lead to the breakage of your hair. The main reason behind the breakage of your hair is the cracks in your hair fiber and they snag on each other. This is due to the presence of the alcohol in your dry shampoo as it leads to the drying of your hair. And thus your hair gets a break when you either comb your hair or even style your hair. So, it is important to use dry shampoo occasionally only.

Clog hair follicles

Using the dry shampoo many times will lead to the mixture of your natural sebum with the shampoo itself which later on forms a thick paste and your hair will become clumpy in look and also limp making it really hard for you to comb or style your hair. It will result in the foul smell and the mixture present on your hair scalp will clog the pores and will also disturb the natural oil on your scalp. So, the shredding and natural growth of your hair will also get affected and thus bacteria reside in such area freely.


The best dry shampoo for oily hair might cause dandruff on your scalp and this is due to using the shampoo more often or leaving it on your scalp for more time which is why it absorbs the oil and your scalp remains dry causing dandruff as well as scaly scalp. The redness can also appear because of the oil feeding on the fungus present on your scalp and the fungus can also cause the skin infection or irritation and even itching which can burn your skin or redness. They can also cause a serious hair problem known as seborrheic dermatitis.


Some best dry shampoo for oily hair also contains talc in it which contains the particles of asbestos and the absence of it leads directly to ovarian cancer. Since many of the advertisement means to not to use the talc powder on your private part but the dermatologist suggests that it is very harmful to use it which leads to cancer. The dry shampoo nowadays does consist of the talc powder which can also lead to cancer which generally has no cure. And some of the researchers also suggest that the presence of the talc in the dry shampoo can also cause cancer to you.

Hair loss

If your head scalp is not healthy enough to hold on the hair, then it is obvious that your hair will get a break and more often breakage will lead to the loss of hair. And if the follicle on your scalp is already infected then the hair growing out from their will to have stunted growth and it is possible that the new hair stand will get its fiber cracked resulting in the hair loss. The hair loss is due to the fiber being getting break so more hair breakage will get more hair loss and the new hair strand growing out the form there will be very thin.

More moisture

Since there are many reasons for not using the dry shampoo on your hair more frequently and causing harm to your hair but still the best dry shampoo for oily hair is highly available in the market and women are still buying  it. The reason behind is the moisture and it helps your hair scalp to stay hydrated and keeps the dryness out of sight.

Saves time

Is Dry Shampoo Bad for Your Hair?

Using the best dry shampoo for oily hair is a blessing in disguise for the working women as it helps you in saving your time and efforts and makes your hair look clean.


The best dry shampoo for oily hair leaves the moisture on your head and keeps the dryness at bay. But the chances of harmful are more on your hair by using the dry shampoo on your hair more frequently. Although, it saves time and efforts of your but moisture remains on your head scalp and thus it does not disturb the natural oil on your scalp. We highly hope that this article will help you understand both the disadvantage and advantage of using the best dry shampoo for oily hair to keep your hair healthy and natural growth.